Featured Film Series

The Gospel Collection
The first-ever word-for-word adaptation of the gospels using the original narrative as its script — including The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John — sheds new light on one of history’s most sacred texts.
Format: Video - 4 Feature Length Films
Share Their Voice
Be inspired by the stories of our persecuted family, and share the stories with your friends.
Format: Video - 11 Episodes
The Witnesses Trilogy
Discover the power and love of Jesus Christ and see why His followers risked all to carry His message to the ends of the earth.
Format: Video - 3 Feature Length Films

English Content

Tortured for Christ: The Movie
A cinematic retelling of the testimony of Pastor Richard Wurmbrand as written in his international bestseller Tortured for Christ. Please note this film is current unavailable in some countries.
Format: English | Video
100 Prison Meditations
100 Prison Meditations, by Richard Wurmbrand, is a 219 page book sharing the reflections of a Pastor imprisoned for his faith.
Format: English | Book
A Ransom for Wurmbrand
A Ransom for Wurmbrand, by Anutza Moise, is a 126 page book that tells the story of Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand and the ministry that grew out of their years of imprisonment for their faith.
Format: English | Book
A Story of Triumph
A Story of Triumph, by Richard Wurmbrand, is a 184 page book about Pastor Wurmbrand's imprisonment, exile and his view of God's transforming power in the midst of tragedy and heartbreak.
Format: English | Book
A Window in Time
A Window In Time, by Tom White, is a 208 page book about Christians sharing their faith to the spiritually hungry and the techniques they use to accomplish their mission.
Format: English | Book
All the Paths of the Lord are Mercy and Truth
All the Paths of the Lord are Mercy and Truth, by Abram and Maria Hamm, is a 228 book sharing what it was like for Christians ministering in the former Soviet Union.
Format: English | Book
Allah Is He God?
Allah is He God?, by P. Newton and M. Rafiqul Haqq, is a 56 page book examining the attributes of God as the Creator.
Format: English | Book
Between Two Tigers
Between Two Tigers, by Tom White, is a 180 page book of testimonies from Christians in Vietnam who share their faith in difficult situations.
Format: English | Book
China Spy
China Spy, by George Watts, is a 157 page book about a British spy in Peking at the time of the Cultural Revolution who spent three years in a re-education prison.
Format: English | Book
Christ on the Jewish Road
Christ on the Jewish Road, by Richard Wurmbrand, is a 224 page book about a Jewish Romanian turning to Christ and meeting other Jewish Christians along the way.
Format: English | Book